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Mobile website development

The world is always changing and how we view it has changed drastically in the last 10 years. When people get up in the morning they no longer reach for their paper, they reach for their tablet. On the go people aren’t looking for phone books or maps, they’re queuing up information on their mobile phones. Smart mobile phones are essentially portable computers leaving old forms of information obsolete. Don’t get left behind, make sure your website design is optimized for viewing on the latest smart phones with a mobile website design.

We realize it’s important for your information to be easily accessible across a wide variety of platforms. That’s why Montreal SEO Group offers Mobile Website Design & Development.

You’ve put a lot of effort into developing your website, make sure it stands out online and on mobile!

Your website is being accessed by mobile devices today and its a fast growing trend.  Your site probably renders great on desktop units & tablets but you may want to consider a dedicated mobile site for users accessing the site on their phones.  A dedicated Web App can offer the same great browsing experience for phone users but do it faster and easier. You can see a few we’ve done below:

What Is A Mobile Website really?

It’s a smaller, lighter version of your website served up when the site is accessed by a mobile phone. A piece of code in the site detects what phone is accessing the site and automatically serves up an optimized version for that phone. It’s not the best way to do it, the best way is to build a responsive website from the ground up that uses the same HTML and script for all devices and modifies the served page through CSS.

Note: we now build all websites to be fully responsive in addition to the optional dedicated mobile version.

A mobile version served on a subdomain is the 2nd best way. Both are recommended by Google and both provide a good user experience. The creation of mobile website on subdomain is usually the best option for a website that is already up.

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