Pay Per Click / Paid Search Marketing Management

Many business owners think to get any benefit from pay per click (PPC) advertising, they need to spend huge amounts of money. But the truth is, done right, pay per click services can be very effective while still being economical. Montreal SEO Group can help your business find the perfect balance between SEO and PPC without breaking the bank. Our pay per click management offers businesses the chance to directly target potential customers and ensure potential customers become returning customers!

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Without a clear target audience and good keyword strategy, pay per click advertising is a lot like casting a net with holes into the sea not only is it expensive, but also a waste of time. Quality keywords are an important aspect of any effective PPC campaign. We work with you to make sure that your PPC ads are targeting exactly the people you want, decreasing your cost per click and saving you money which increases your ROI.

Google currently uses a ranking formula called a Quality Score which measures the ranking of a pay per click ad, based on click-through rates (how frequently the ad gets clicked), relevance of ad text to the keyword being bid on, historical keyword factors (how keywords have performed for competitors), and landing page quality (relevance of your website and the keywords/ad content). A good Quality Score will bring the minimum cost of your pay per click campaign down, and a low Quality Score will create a higher minimum bid.

Our PPC management service will not only help you write persuasive ads, we also apply our knowledge of Google’s ranking formulas to get you the best price for your PPC ads. Gone are the days of keywords going to the highest bidder your business can do incredibly well with PPC and with our pay per click management, your cost is a fraction of your competitors pay bid for bid.


Montreal SEO Group will work alongside your business to create a pay per click campaign specifically tailored to your company. Our pay per click management firm is run by people who know exactly which keywords your business needs to ensure people are coming through your door and that those customers will keep coming back to you. We manage your pay per click campaign with care and dedication to bring your business clear, measurable results. Our detailed analysis reports will allow you to see your results – we promise you’ll be impressed!

Contact us today to get started on a highly effective pay per click campaign made just for you.