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Social Media marketingSocial Media Marketing We specialize in working with organizations and businesses to build a reputation socially. Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp and other social platforms, we work with our clients to establish a social calendar, define measurable goals and then work to drive engagement.

Brand Engagement – You know who your best audiences are. Meet them where they spend their time online. Empower your through social channels

Cross-Channel Marketing – Execute one unified strategy across your choice of channels €”video, display, mobile, and social. Sophisticated cross-channel performance reports, non-display engagement metrics with those from your display campaigns.

Digital Prospecting and Conversion – Expand your reach by finding new consumers who are similar to, or behave like, your existing audiences. Target audiences shopping for rival brands and convert them into customers of your own.

Social media sites are used by millions of people every hour of everyday. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube can make your presence even stronger. Take advantage of this incredible business opportunity and reach your audience in the most effective manner.

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The great thing for website owners & advertisers is the potential to get additional targeted traffic to your website & an effective platform to deliver your brand.

“If your SEO company isn’t helping you with this stuff, then the absolute best thing you can do is pick up the phone or email Mike. He has done some great things for us.” — Bronwen Hann


Facebook is ranked as the world’€™s 2nd most visited site (Google being the first), and is used by over 800 million people. By using social profiles, business pages and Facebook Ads, businesses are given a valuable opportunity to take part in conversation with their customers.

If used correctly, you can build your businesses brand, stand out as an expert in your field, build better relationships and make more connections.

At Montreal SEO Group, we have helped business owners improve their social reach through Facebook Page Community Engagement & Management, Development of Customized Facebook Applications & Promotion, as well as effectively targeted advertising through Facebook Ads.


Millions of people and businesses use Twitter everyday to share and discover new ideas. From big brands to local shops, businesses are finding greater value in the connections they make. Twitter is a platform that can help your business share information, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and allow you to stay connected to your customers and build relationships. Join the conversation today!


Google+ first came to be as a personal social network, but brands and businesses now have the opportunity to create a profile and connect with a network of fans, followers and affiliates. The power of Google+ lies in the relative connection to other Google powered tools. Although it’€™s relatively newer, millions of users are taking advantage of the social tool, and it’€™s an effective platform to reach your target market.


If 500 of the Fortune 500 are represented on LinkedIn, why shouldn’€™t you be too? Gain new customers through online recommendations and word of mouth. Keep in touch with clients, customers and employees who take care of your business. LinkedIn allows you to build your industry network and establishes you as an expert in your field. This social platform provides you with opportunities to find and foster connections that you may not have otherwise.


Being the largest video sharing site, YouTube gets the most traffic with the highest number of users. YouTube is a definitive place for getting your videos marketed and published. Online marketing through YouTube can greatly increase your website traffic, build you as a trusted brand and establish you as an industry leader. Allow us to help make YouTube a part of your online marketing plan today.


Pinterest is a tool that is used for collecting and organizing things people love, which is a unique way to promote your business through social sharing. One of the defining aspects of Pinterest is its audience. Most people use it to find inspiration and many are using the tool to help guide their buying decision. Build a creative side of your brand or business that people can source for ideas and even know which products or services to use from your company.


At Montreal SEO Group, we are constantly researching and reviewing social media platforms so we can better evaluate opportunities for our clients. It’s more important to understand what your goals are for your social media strategies and establishing with social platforms so you can achieve them.

Our techniques, strategies and expertise allows us to provide social marketing strategies that will help promote and expand your business. Find out how wen can help you go social.


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