Video SEO

In today’€™s society, businesses are constantly fighting for viewer attention. Recent research shows the majority of internet users spend only a few seconds on a website. With all the noise and competition, how can you make an impact? The answer to this question is video. Further research shows that internet users are willing to spend 2.7 minutes watching online videos. That’€™s a powerful 2.7 minutes, so are you willing to take advantage of this unique opportunity and make an impact on your audience?

In 2014, video and search engine optimization (SEO) go hand in hand however this relationship is not so straightforward. There are so many aspects that go into successful video SEO such as search engine indexing and real time sharing. You cannot just film and post a webcam video and expect to see results. You need to create engaging, thoughtful content and successfully optimize it in order to be seen and remembered.

First and foremost we focus on the audience. After we do research based on your business and target, we strategically incorporate it into your content and placement. We produce high quality videos using only the best equipment so you can be confident in your content. By creating high quality videos that pertain to your target demographic, you will be guaranteed an audience. This is your brand and we aim to depict it in the best way possible. It is through this thoughtful content that you will engage your targeted audience. The comments, shares and likes will start to pour in and your brand will grow in popularity. Good content means more views, more views mean more awareness, and more awareness means profitability.

After the basics, it is time for us to get technical. After the research and production, we incorporate strategic SEO tactics to position your video effectively. By positioning your video through the right platforms you are able to reach the largest amount of people, allowing them to easily engage with your content. Using proper captioning, HTML markups, effective embedding, site mapping and transcript creation, we position your in the best way possible. Ultimately this strategy will allow Google to crawl your content, allowing you to rank higher.

We have the tools, experience and the unwavering formula. Give your audience fresh content and reinforce your brand in the minds of your audience with Video SEO.

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